Reutoff is a prominent post-industrial project from Russia. The band founded in 1998 has developed its unique style blending elements of dark ambient, hypnotic drumming and heart-felt melodics into sophisticated sound that transcends the limits of so called Schwarze Szene. Reutoff, named after mystic sattelite town of Moscow, gives voices to terrible enlightments, breathtaking suspicions and the truth of Russian landscape with recognizible infernal irony. Project discogrpahy includes releases on such labels as Ewers Tonkunst, Hau Ruck!, Drone Records, Eibon Records, Divine Comedy Records, Blade Records and the quest goes on. Reutoff collaborated in studio and played live with such significant projects of independent muzak as Deutsch Nepal, Troum, Bad Sector, Brighter Death Now, Der Bluthatsch, Aube, Sal Solaris, Antlers Mulm, Rapoon to name but a few. Reutoff is the only post-industrial band, that played a concert with a symphonic orchestra - the "Music of Machines" project was performed in the running assembly shop of one of the military factories. Every Reutoff piece of work is an adventure with unpredictable ending. | | | | Google+ | YouTube | | | iTunes | Google Play |